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The elements podcast is about money. How to make it, spend it, borrow it, save it, and keep it safe. In each podcast we'll talk about real world issues affecting young people and money.

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Rate Your Purchase: Do you know how much your spend every time you use an item? Whether it's a shirt, video game, shoes or sports gear, everything you use everyday costs money. In this issue, we'll help you figure out your Cost Per Use and get the most bang for your buck.


Episode Archive


Budget-Friendly Parties
: Like throwing parties but don't like the expense? Here's our guide for throwing a party without throwing away money. We cover it all: locations, food, and entertainment ideas on the cheap!

Halloween on a Budget
: Don't get spooked with the rising cost of Halloween costumes. Nikki and Jenny share their not-so-scary tips for dressing up without spending too much cash.

Build Your Own Community for Free
: Joining a club or playing for a sports team can get expensive. A cheaper alternative is to do-it-yourself. In this podcast, Nikki and Jenny have tips for building your own community and saving money while doing it.

Cheap and Wacky Sports Ideas
: Going to the gym and buying sports equipment can sometimes get expensive. Nikki and Jenny explore cheap alternatives to staying active.

Make Your Own Summer Job
: Finding a Summer job isn't always easy. One solution is to create your own. In this podcast, we give you hints and tips for making cash during the Summer months.

Smart Money Tips for Smartphones
: Getting ready to buy a new smartphone? Nikki and Jenny discuss the things you should look for before signing any long-term contract. From text minutes and family plans, to data costs and camera phones, we cover it all.

Recycling and Upcycling for Cash
: What's an easy way to make money? Use what you already have! Whether you want to recycle for cash, or upcycle and sell stuff online, we have the hints and tips you'll need.

Stop Wasting Money
: In this episode, find out how to stop spending your hard-earned cash on the most common Money Wasters.

Charitable Giving: Where to Begin?
: You don’t need to be rich to donate to a charity. In this episode, Nikki and Jenny uncover the basics of giving to a charity.

Getting Ready for the Tuition Countdown
: In this podcast, Nikki and Jenny give you tips for preparing for college expenses. Whether you're a few months or a few years away from college, this podcast is a must-listen.


End of Year Financial Roundup
: Nikki and Jenny share their favorite money-saving tips from 2011.

Department Store Credit Cards
: In this podcast, Nikki and Jenny discuss the mistakes people make when carrying a department store credit card.

Scary Financial Stories
: In this special spooky episode, Nikki and Jenny share their favorite scary money stories. From people getting ripped off to online scams, this podcast will surely have you quaking in your boots.

All About Passwords
: When it comes to protecting your money online, your best line of defense is a solid password. In this podcast, Nikki and Jenny discuss what you can do to create the perfect password.

Back-to-School Shopping on a Budget
: In this podcast, Nikki and Jenny give their tips for making the most of your back-to-school clothing budget.

Protect Your Money from Hackers
: In this podcast, Nikki and Jenny talk about things you can do to protect your online accounts and your money from hackers.

Movie Money Savings
: Check out this podcast before you buy your next movie ticket or bag of popcorn. Nikki and Jenny share their tips for helping you save money at the movie theater.

Tips for a Successful Yard Sale
: Planning a yard sale? Check out Jenny and Nikki's tips to help make your yard sale fun ... and a success!

What it Means to Be a Credit Union Member
: Young credit union members from across the country tweet what it means to them to be a credit union member.

Inside the World of Advertising
: Learn the tricks advertisers use to get people to spend money. From celebrity endorsements to "extreme" soft drinks, Nikki and Jenny cover the most popular types of commercials.

Credit Cards Under the Microscope
: In this episode, Nikki and Jenny uncover the top three features to look for when choosing a credit card.

The Best Things in Life Are Free
: Check out this month's podcast as Jenny and Nikki share their favorite tips for finding stuff for free.


The Top Money Tips of 2010
: Jenny and Nikki wrap up another year with their favorite money tips of 2010.

The Eco-Friendly (and Cheap) Way to Shop
: Nikki and Jenny show you how a little bit of planning can help you make your holiday shopping green, while saving some green.

The Economics of Learning a Musical Instrument
: From garage bands to marching bands and everything in-between, Nikki and Jenny show you how to learn how to play a musical instrument... without spending a fortune.

Upgrading Your Digital Life
: Whether it's getting a new cell phone, buying the latest gaming console accessory, or upgrading your favorite app, keeping your digital life up-to-date can get expensive. Jenny and Nikki cover it all in this podcast.

Three Big Money Mistakes
: When it comes to money, it's easy to make a mistake. Hear the three biggest mistakes young people make when it comes to money, and learn what you can do to avoid them.

A Cheap Guide to Playing Video Games
: In this podcast, Jenny and Nikki explore different ways to find and play video games for the least amount of money possible.

A Guide to Buying and Renting Movies
: Jenny and Nikki tackle the world of movie downloads, digital rentals and old-fashioned DVD shopping. We review the most popular options for watching and renting movies in the digital age.

All About Savings Accounts
: Jenny and Nikki dive deeper into the world of savings accounts. From regular savings to retirements accounts, we look at the many different savings options available to you.

Setting Financial Goals
: Nikki and Jenny outline a few simple steps for helping you save for the future using financial goals.

Yes, You Can Afford College: With the costs of a college education rising, you may be looking for ways to pay. In this episode, Nikki and Jenny share their ideas to help you find college funding.

The Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks:
Why should you choose a credit union versus a bank? Nikki and Jenny explain the differences that could have a huge impact on your wallet and financial life!

Hints and Tips for Finding a Job:
If you're under 18 and looking for a part-time job, you may find that all the traditional "teen" jobs are being filled by adults. Now what? Nikki and Jenny have a few ideas for finding the perfect job in today's challenging job market.



The Top Money Tips from 2009:
From saving money for concerts to spending less on movies, Nikki and Jenny share the best money-saving tips from the past year.

Saving Money Without a Piggy Bank:
Learn about different types of savings accounts and the best way to stash your cash.

Stay Fit and Save Money:
From exercise equipment and eating healthy, to skin care products and more, Jenny and Nikki discuss different ways to stay fit without breaking your budget.

Gadgets and Gizmos:
It's easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest electronic devices. From iPods and iPhones, to PS3s and more, Jenny and Nikki give you tips for saving money on your favorite gadgets.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:
Who can young adults trust when it comes to their money? In this episode, Jenny and Nikki rate different types of financial options available to young people.

Frugal Fashion Sense:
Learn how to "dress to impress" without spending your last dollar.

Music and Money:
Whether you’re a musician in a band, or simply a fan who loves listening to music and going to concerts, we have tips to help you save money.

Building a solid credit history while you're young:
In this episode, Jenny and Nikki talk about things young people can do to start building a positive credit history.

What do you REALLY need?:
Do you know the difference between Needs and Wants? In this episode, Nikki and Jenny help you determine what you really need to get by in today's economy.



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