The Hajj pilgrims candidate must maintain their health in Saudi Arabia

Pilgrims will have enough energy to metabolize the body into their energy sources. A good diet and balanced nutrition according to him does not only have to be applied when pilgrims are still in the homeland. Rather, it is also after the congregation is in the holy land. On the other hand, you can also visit if you’re looking for a great umrah package.

According to doctors, it is important to have an ideal body weight. Because being overweight can make worshipers feel tired faster. To maintain fitness, prospective pilgrims should diligently exercise while in the country. Health experts also recommend that prospective pilgrims lose optimal weight before departure.

In addition, prospective pilgrims should know how to maintain health by not smoking. Because according to him, smoking is also a fat regulator. Furthermore, worshipers should also not always take medicines that do not need to be consumed every day, except for worshipers who have certain diseases.

In order for all activities in the Hajj to be run optimally, pilgrims need to maintain a good diet, quality sleep, protect the environment so as not to be too polluted, and think healthy.