Prevent Serious Mental Disorder

Well, the prevalence of emotional mental disorders as indicated by symptoms of depression and anxiety for the age of 15 years and over reaches about 14 million people. That figure is equivalent to 6 percent of the total population. For your information, bipolar is a serious mental disorder that can even harm the sufferer. Imagine what will happen if you keep on such that condition without any treatment. If you are seeking the alternative treatment since you have the reason to not take the medical choice, has what you are seeking.

This study notes several possible causes of high risk of early death in people with bipolar disorder. Starting from an unhealthy diet, overeating, lacking or not exercising, smoking habits, to substance abuse. In addition, also due to lack of social interaction, social deprivation, homelessness, lack of access to health services, to psychiatric failure in handling the patient’s medical condition, or delaying medical treatment.