Research the next content properly for the SEO rank

Doing a research for your next SEO content is necessary. There are several points that will make high-quality contents, and we’d like to share them with you. On the other hand, visit if you want to hire a great SEO consultant near your location.


Requires careful planning.
The contents are not shallow.
Have reliable references
etc. (we focus first on the 3 points above).
Will get a good rating.

I dare to guarantee that really high-quality content will eventually get a good rating after going through the right promotion process.

But making content like this isn’t easy.

It’s easier to make 5 regular content in 1 day than to create quality content in 2 days … seriously.

So what we can do now is to do research.

Next, to do research, do this step:

Find other content on Google on your topic,
Search again on Google in English (even though your content is in languages other than English),
Open a community site like Quora, Reddit, Kaskus, find interesting discussions on your topic,
Search videos with your topic on YouTube,
Record all the links that contain good contents, and take a note of all the important points. Use Excel or Google Sheets