Know the five methods that are usually done during physiotherapy

In the present, there are many treatments that can be done by those who have discomfort or pain in some parts of their body. One way to get rid of the pain in some parts of the body is physiotherapy. This treatment itself is a process of rehabilitation of a person to avoid physical disability through a series of prevention. If you need, you can visit mountain west chiropractic he to get the treatment in the right place.

The purpose of this treatment is to restore the function of the body after an illness or an injury. If the body has a permanent disease or injury, physiotherapy can be prioritized to reduce the impact. Then what is the form of physiotherapy treatment itself? Usually, there are several methods that are performed by the therapist to the patient.

1. Training program
Some therapies are included in this program, including techniques to improve body posture, strengthen muscles, exercise or exercise, and stretching muscles.

2. Electrotherapy techniques
This therapy uses a device with electrical power. This therapy is also called electrical therapy. Some of these types of therapy include nerve therapy with electrical stimulation (TEN), electrical stimulation therapy through fat tissue (EEPIS), PENS method combines acupuncture and electrical therapy techniques.

3. Manual physiotherapy
These include physiotherapy, massage, stretching, and joint mobilization and manipulation. Manual physiotherapy can help relaxation, reduce pain and increase the flexibility of movement of affected limbs.

4. Occupational therapy
Also called occupational therapy. This is a form of therapy that helps patients with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities (thoughts) to be able to carry out daily activities properly.

5. Other methods
In addition to the methods mentioned above, physiotherapy also helps patients by correcting the wrong exercise techniques and helping to use the tools properly. Some other methods commonly used are hydrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, temperature therapy (hot or cold), breathing exercises, and acupuncture.