How to Get Happiness with the NLP Method

Getting happiness for some people is quite difficult, it could be due to economic factors, busyness or association. Happiness in life is very valuable, but unfortunately, many people do not understand what the essence of happiness is like. Some of us assume that happiness is when we live successfully with lots of money and abundant wealth. Even though there are many rich people whose lives are not happy.

If happiness is likened to an electronic device with an on / off button that has the function of activating and turning off happiness. When this button is pressed on the on position, our lives will be happy and vice versa. So don’t try to push the wrong button because our lives are only once.

This theory is taught in the NLP courses which calls it “anchor” or “Anchor” can also be referred to as the on or off button. Not only are you feeling happy, but all of our human nature also has buttons like that. Depends on when and how to use it. In other words, you will really be able to become a complete human being who controls yourself by mastering the NLP technique.

Here are the steps you can try to find the happiness button with the NLP method:

– Make yourself feel comfortable and relax
Try to position yourself as comfortable as possible and feel you feel relaxed. Can be done by lying on the terrace or your favorite place, make sure the place is quiet and can help you concentrate. Then find one of the buttons you want to use, such as pressing the ring finger, pressing the thumb or using other objects such as the clock ring or the other. This button is a reflection of your happiness button.

– Remember the feeling of happiness that was once felt
Then try to recall the happiest feelings you have ever felt in life. Imagine the incident as detailed as possible to the clear picture, sound, circumstances, around your place and you really feel it back. Do a 1-10 count the higher the value you feel happier. Focus and stay focused, until the count of 8 press your happiness button that has been set up until the 10th count.