Steps that you can’t skip in making music videos

Choose from latest nigerian music several candidates or references that you think are suitable to play every character in your video clip. Record each character and role played by each of the actors and actresses so that you can find people who are truly suitable. Especially if the video clip brings a story, the message in the story and the song must be conveyed well to the audience. In the meantime, you might also want to take a look at the latest naija music videos.

Looking for crew and video making staff

The number and position of the crew will depend on the ‘size’ of the video clip you will make. The bigger the project, the more it will require more crew involved. Some important positions are, for example, directors, videographers, light stylists, sound organizers, grips (officers in charge of filming equipment), fashion stylists, property crews and continuity crews. Of course, if you feel able to fill a number of positions at once, it will save more budget and the number of staff needed.

Do the shooting process

After all the preparation is done, you can start shooting for your video clip. Make sure the camera settings are in accordance with the place, the appropriate lighting, the actors and actresses in the right position and mature preparation, the right point to play the recorded songs, and other things. Make sure every scene in the storyboard can be executed properly.

Editing process

This has entered the post-production stage. Move all the videos that you have made to the computer or laptop that you will make to edit. Then you can start editing. There are many video editing software that you can use. In this process, you can also combine, cut, add, and give effects in accordance with the wishes.

Combine songs with videos

This is important. Your video edits with existing music must be in sync. Up to the smallest details such as the singer’s mouth motion and when the scene moves there should also be nothing that seems “not connected”. If there is an error when shooting, you must be able to get around and ‘outsmart’ it by giving a diversion, like highlighting another scene at that moment. After that, you just need to do the final touch and publish the video.