3 Rules in giving a gift within the professional world

Giving gifts in a professional environment should be done carefully. Do not let you look like you want to look for attention or even want to make a bribe. Sometimes we are often confused when we want to choose the right gift for our boss, colleague, or client because we don’t really know them and the clear boundaries in this gift. If you also have similar difficulties, consider these several tips that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to give a gift to your girlfriend soon, we recommend you to take a look at the high-quality custom music box any song.

1. Be careful

Giving gifts to colleagues or clients should be done carefully. Before sending, do a small analysis of the person to be rewarded. For example, if you are not sure of the beliefs held by your boss or client, then do not give alcoholic drinks or something that can offend the religious side. It is recommended that you also wrap gifts neatly and embed handwritten greeting cards. Do not let gifts become too personal or contain jokes that will make you look unprofessional.

2. For the boss

Even though the intention is good, not a few employees are afraid when they want to give something special to their boss or boss. They are generally worried about being judged as a ‘lick’. To overcome this, you can gather colleagues to give gifts together in a joint venture. Give him something more functional but he clearly likes.

3. For Subordinates

What if you want to give a gift to a junior? The bosses often confuse him. They sometimes don’t want to look like they choose to give gifts to just a few people. But if you want to reward all subordinates, how much money can be spent? So that the bosses do not look favoritism, give something that is not expensive but valuable so that everyone can get it. For example by distributing gift cards or gift vouchers. You can also just treat lunch. But for a staff that is closest and most often helps you, as a personal assistant, give something more special.