Important tips for taking care of a diarrhea patient

Diarrhea sufferers will feel very abdominal pain. To eliminate and relieve abdominal pain, can use warm water compresses. While lying down, compress the stomach using warm water. This can be one of the best , so the patient burden’s can be slightly reduced.

Broth and Salt

How to deal with diarrhea, can use broth mixed with salt. The trick is to mix the broth with salt, stir until blended. Before drinking it, take a deep breath of the broth freshly drunk.


Many diarrhea medications are now available at pharmacies. We just choose what diarrhea medication is suitable for the body. Drink this diarrhea medicine when we really need it, when the body is weak and the fluid in the body seems to run out. But don’t use chemical drugs too often.

Drink Guava Leaf Stew

Guava leaves have a substance called flavonoids can overcome the diarrheal disease. The liquid in the stool is reduced gradually by flavonoids in guava leaves. How to make the ingredients are:

Prepare 15 guava leaves, wash thoroughly.
Prepare half a liter of clean water.
One teaspoon of salt.
Boil guava leaves along with water and salt.
Leave only half of it
Drink three times a day.