Feel the European Atmosphere in Some Travel Destinations in Thailand

When you decide to take a vacation to Thailand, there will be a lot of preparation you have to do. However, what you don’t forget is that you make a travel destination that will help you while there. In addition, you should never forget transportation. You can use the services of Car Rental Thailand to get a vehicle while on vacation in Thailand.

If you think that Thailand cannot be as beautiful as Europe, then you are mistaken. There are several tourist destinations there, which are even almost the same as Europe. Some of them are

1. The Verona at Tub Lan
The Verona at Tub Lan is an integrated tourist spot that offers a variety of activities, places and interesting things that are a pity to miss. Starting from flying fox, rock climbing, swing rope, roller ball to cowboy style in Texas and visiting horse and goat farms. You can also shop as much as you like at the community mall, enjoy delicious food at the available outlets, and ride the gondola around the artificial lake. If you can’t move on, you can stay at a super comfortable boutique hotel at affordable prices.

2. Palio Village, Tuscany
Once inside, you will feel the atmosphere of Tuscany with brick and orange-red walls, not too wide aisles, comfortable park benches, and a typical European fountain in the middle of the mall. In this mall, there are around 120 outlets that sell a variety of food, drinks, clothing, and various accessories. Uniquely, each cluster of outlets is named after famous figures from Italy, such as Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Donatello and so on. The entrance fee is free and you can take photos as much as you like in every corner of this place.

3. My ozone
Once you step into it, the atmosphere changes to a classic Victorian era that is warm and comfortable. My Ozone provides dozens of rooms and villas, swimming pools, golf courses, riding and cycling arenas, jogging tracks, and outdoor yoga classes.