Pay attention to your attire when you visit the United of Emirate Arab

Tourists do not have to use hijabs or all-closed abayas. Dressing styles in the United Arab Emirates are more flexible than Saudi Arabia (still remember when Michelle Obama was blown away by a Saudi Arabian television station for not wearing a hijab?). Only tourists need to limit so that the clothes worn are not too minimal. In the meantime, visit if you wish to learn Arabic online effectively.

Then, what are the dress codes that need to be obeyed if you visit the United Arab Emirates?

1. Covering limbs from shoulder to knee. This includes not being allowed to wear a tank top, Sabrina-necked dress, or hot pant. Skirts are fine, as long as they are below the knee.

2. Tight-fitting clothing is a big no-no! As an alternative, choose a loose silhouette palazzo pant to keep the feet cool in the hot air.

3. Do not have to use the hijab, except when visiting a mosque.

4. Adjust clothes according to location and designation. If you want to exercise, you can, how come, to use tight yoga pant. Likewise, if you want to wear a bikini on the beach, but avoid thin and tiny thong or bikini.

5. Avoid wearing clothing with a ‘dangerous’ logo. Use a shirt that says “I Love Bali”, though, it doesn’t matter. But if the writing is ‘I Love Tel Aviv’ or ‘I Love Israel’? Wow, it can provoke a commotion.

6. Men may wear shorts, the length is below the knee.